“Children have so much light, may they always carry it and express it in their unique way.” Cherish Camacho Dobson

What we strive to do

We strive to develop children’s well-being by adopting a holistic teaching approach in our learning program. We do this by focusing on nurturing the emotional, physical, mental and social nature of every child in our care. We offer meaningful learning experiences in a nurturing, caring environment where children can feel safe and loved. Our goal is to carefully nurture and foster the physical, emotional, mental and social nature of our children, to allow them to unfold at their own pace in a healthy way. We believe in creating a peaceful environment that allows each child to learn through hands-on and meaningful experiences with people and the world around them.


Children learn through their play, adventures, interactions and exploration.
Our childcare’s daily program focuses on building social and emotional skills through play-based activities, physical development through movement and exercise, and creativity by incorporating the arts and music.

Our learning program is play-based. We believe this can help with fostering independence, building your child’s character and individuality while maintaining consistent expectations and boundaries.


Our Yoga and mindfulness program

We run a weekly yoga and mindfulness learning program for children with a qualified yoga facilitator that introduces body awareness, emotional regulation, meditation, breathing and calming techniques, understanding of emotions and feelings, self-love, gratitude, inner and outer strength, flexibility, and much more.

Our Yoga and mindfulness program provide our children with learning opportunities that exemplify the strands of Te Whāriki ” Our New Zealand National CUrriculum”:


Ø Wellbeing – Nurturing emotional wellbeing by teaching the children the tools they need to manage their emotions.

Ø Belonging – Being a part of a group dynamic where the children work together and collaborate.

Ø Contribution – Providing a positive group framework where each individual child is valued for their participation (not just those who display a ‘talent’ for sport).

Ø Communication – Providing different ways for the children to be creative and expressive.

Ø Exploration – Helping children to gain confidence and develop control of their bodies.