Our Fees & Enrolment

We know that your child’s wellbeing and education is a priority for you – choosing a centre can be a big decision.  

Our Opening Hours and ECE Subsidy

We are open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday

We have outlined our standard fees and enrolment structure below, please let us know if you have any questions. Pukekohe Early Learning Center offers the “20 hours ECE” subsidy for 3-5 year old children. Some families may also qualify for a WINZ subsidy, just ask and we can help you with information about it.

Under 3's: 5 months to 3 years of age

(6.5 hours minimum per day)


$150 for 2 days


$200 for 3 days


$250 for 4 days


$280 for 5 days

Over 3's: 3 years and 4 years olds - using 20 hours ECE

(6.5 hours minimum per day)


$80 for 2 days


$120 for 3 days


$150 for 4 days


$180 for 5 days

What your fees include

  • All food and drink for all ages (does not include formula). You will need to provide your child’s formula.
  • Sleeping linen and laundry services. Please let us know if your child is allergic to any laundry products.
  • Cloth nappies are provided.


  • A booking fee of $50 (non-refundable) is charged per child when enrolling or going on the waiting list.
  • If you wish to change the days of attendance you will need to give us appropriate notice to ensure that those days are available.
  • Terminating your child’s enrolment at our daycare in Pukekohe requires two weeks notice in writing. If such notice is not given then you are required to pay fees for those two weeks.

Our Standard Terms

The following Fees Policy will form part of your Enrolment and Agreement Form.

  • All Fees are GST inclusive.
  • Fees are to be paid by AP one week in advance to the nominated Pukekohe Early Learning Center bank account.
  • Enrolments must be for a minimum of 6.5 hours per day and a minimum of 2 days per week per child. We do not offer half days.
  • Full fees are payable for all statutory holidays, sicknesses and absences.
  • Fees will be charged based on attendance during the period between Christmas and New Years.
  • We offer families with 2 or more children a 10% discount if attending 2 or more days per week, applied to the eldest child.

Payment of fees

  • All fees are to be paid on Fridays one week in advance at all times. This is necessary for us to maintain a high standard of care for your child.
  • Where fees are unpaid for more than two weeks, we cannot guarantee a place for your child at our childcare in Pukekohe unless an alternative arrangement has been made to pay off arrears.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the daycare centre manager as soon as possible if you cannot meet your obligations under this fees policy. We are more than happy to discuss your situation.
  • Our child care centre in Pukekohe reserves the right to use debt collection services to recover fees and cost of recovery should this be necessary.
  • Fees are reviewed every 1-2 years in order to keep up with inflation and the changing costs of running the centre.


  • Where a child is absent for more than 3 weeks, they may be withdrawn from our register. Please notify the centre manager in advance if you are going to be away for more than a few weeks at a time.
  • Fees are required to be paid in full for all absences, including absences longer than 3 weeks in order to hold your child’s place. This includes sickness.
  • Children that are sick should not be brought to the centre and parents are required to notify the centre if the child is not attending due to sickness.
  • If your child is sick while at the centre you will be asked to come and collect him/her.

20 hours ECE

  • The “20 hours ECE” scheme offers a saving for all parents of 3, 4 and 5 year old children.
  • This means that the cost is fully subsidised for up to 6 hours of attendance per day and up to 20 hours a week.
  • For us to fully cover the quality of education and care provided through our daily programme; we charge fees for hours that are not covered by 20 hours ECE.
  • If you have any further queries regarding “20 hours ECE” please ask us or visit the Ministry of Education’s 20 hours ECE web page

WINZ Childcare subsidies

  • Parents may qualify for a WINZ subsidy. To find out more about this go to the childcare subsidy page on the WINZ website.
  • WINZ may pay all or a portion of your fees. We are happy to give you more information on your entitlements and how to apply for them.

Playtime is precious

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