Our Philosophy

Children, like seeds, are small but rich with possibility. Sow with care and reap healthy young people with enormous ability.

Nurturing, loving and respecting one another
including the earth

That’s our philosophy and ethos – learning from and of the land, and to become kaitiakitanga – protecting and caring for our environment. Here at Pukekohe Early Learning Centre we put our children and their future first.

Our Environment

We take pride in our gorgeous, sun-filled spaces, thoughtfully designed for natural ages and stages, embracing tuakana-teina relationships and plant-based, organic and natural resources, fibres, materials and toys.

We believe in creating a peaceful environment that allows each child to learn through hands-on and meaningful experiences with people and the world around them.

Our Ethos

  • To love our children and to protect their future
  • To learn and grow together from and of, the land
  • To create and innovate together as one big family

Learning and growing together

We believe that our actions, our experiences, our cultures and our decisions will lead on to support our children and their families to create a healthy, happy and sustainable future for everyone.

We learn and grow together by practising and embracing many of our guiding values which include Atawhai “kindness and generosity”, respect, love and fairness through our daily practices and relationships in a loving and peaceful environment.

We believe in creating an environment where our ideas can connect. Creativity and Innovation are our unrelenting drive to inspire a modern way of providing early childhood education where sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is all about caring, loving and respecting one another and learning from and of, the land.

We believe we have a specific kaitiakitanga “guardianship” role and obligation to families, the environment, and the future generation, ensuring sustainable knowledge and practices continue.

Putting all the aspects of our philosophy together, gives us a vision we can stand by, everyday.

Family Involvement

Our philosophy at Pukekohe Early Learning Centre is to nurture and respect our children and their whanau – we join with you to be your partner in the child-rearing process. We value open communication with families and hope to be a valuable resource in the adventures of parenting. Our doors are always open for parent/guardian visits and we love to talk to you and discuss your family and child’s needs and interests.

Playtime is precious

“Play is the work of the child”
Maria Montessori